History & Vineyards


'Wineries and Vineyards Fuente Vieja' is the result of three generations of winemakers.

It is a familiar winery with vineyards.

We have 60 hectares of vineyards, and its varieties:

- 65% 'Tempranillo' grape.

- 20% Grenache grape.

- 5% 'Mazuelo' grape.

- 5% 'Graciano' grape.

- 5% 'Viura' grape.

'Wineries and Vineyards Fuente Vieja' aims to develop a quality wine, which due to its different characteristics and mineral complexities, is regarded highly amongst other of the Rioja region.


Vineyards 'Fuente Vieja'





Grape reception,

Recepción de la uva


Waiting for springtime,